The Importance of Regular Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance Tips and Tricks

It’s hard when you see a kid blowing dandelion seeds. As much as you know it’s fun for them, and they think it looks magical, deep down, all you can think of is lawn maintenance and how that’s going to cause you even more time trying to battle the weeds. But there are lots of things you can do to help your lawn be healthy so that the weeds and pests will be less likely to show up, even if the kids insist on spreading some seeds.

Lawn Maintenance

The Best Way to Weed

First off, you need to weed your lawn. This is easiest to do when the soil is damp. Make sure you get the whole weed, right down to the roots; otherwise, you’ll be tackling the same plant over and over. And don’t leave the pulled weeds on your grass. Collect them and dispose of them, or they might spread their seeds all over again. Do this regularly so you can keep ahead of the growth. Lawn Maintenance Tip: Weeds are easiest to remove when they’re smaller.

How Much is Too Much?

While you should water your lawn, don’t do it too often – too much water can actually drown your lawn and promote disease. Grass only needs about an inch of water a week, so only give it a drink if it hasn’t rained. And rather than giving it a smaller drink every day, stick to one deep watering. This will force the grass’ roots to go further into the soil for a drink, giving you a deeper, heartier root system.

Lawn Maintenance

Let your grass blades stay a bit longer. Ideally, you shouldn’t cut it shorter than about 2.5 to 3 inches. Longer grass blades will encourage growth (both above and below) while at the same time helping to prevent weeds and pests from coming to live in your lawn. Make sure your mower blades are nice and sharp so that you’re cutting the grass, not tearing it apart. You can even take a look at this blog post about keeping your blades sharp. When you mow your lawn, don’t bag the clippings. Let them fall back on the lawn. This actually helps feed nutrients back into the grass.

Overseeding 101

If you have dead spots on your lawn, you have a few options. If they’re large areas, you might want to lay new sod. We have more information on how you can do that here. If it’s a smaller area, consider overseeding instead. Rake soil into your lawn, put down grass seeds, and water. You can actually do this on your entire lawn. Having a thick, healthy turf prevents weeds from having anywhere to gain a foothold – or, roothold if you prefer. This could help make your lawn maintenance less daunting!

Your Lawn Needs Air Too!

Lawn Maintenance

Another Once-A-Year job on your lawn maintenance to do list is aerating your lawn. You can do this on your own, or you can hire a company to do it for you. By pulling ‘plugs’ of tightly-compacted soil out of your sod, it gives the roots somewhere to grow and allows them to get a breath of fresh air – something plants enjoy as much as we do.

Lawn Maintenance

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