Watering Sod: Tips to Get the Best Lawn

Sod Installation and Maintenance

Complications can happen if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing when installing or maintaining sod. When installing, make sure you follow these 7 Easy Steps for Installation and make sure you’re using the best soil: BigYellowBag’s Black Garden Soil. You must also make sure that you are watering your sod correctly. Proper installation means nothing with improper maintenance. When it comes to watering sod, there are a few tips and tricks worth remembering as you first lay your sod and continue to maintain it.

Watering Sod Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

Watering Sod After Installation

Installing sod is a job that requires some planning. While it may seem pretty basic, there are many factors to consider. One of the main things to focus on is watering your freshly laid sod. Within approximately half an hour of installation (Or ASAP), your sod requires a drink. In order for the sod to take root properly, you must give it a deep watering. Make sure the water soaks deep into the soil beneath the sod. This encourages the roots to grow deeper. This is essential for healthy sod to grow. If you are installing sod in a large area, make sure you are watering the installed sod as you work. This will ensure the sod is getting the appropriate amounts of water quickly enough to begin to take root without drying out.

Watering Sod Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

Don’t Miss a Spot!

It is easy to assume that the fancy new sprinkler system you just had installed works wonders on your lawn. However, it is so important to be sure every single edge and corner of your sod is properly watered. Sometimes, if sprinklers are not positioned properly, some edges of the lawn will be overlooked and suffer. The edges and corners are the most vulnerable part of your sod and require special care to ensure they remain healthy. It is also important to recognize the effects of buildings when watering sod. The sun reflects off the buildings and can cause the nearby sod to overheat more quickly. This is where it becomes essential to ensure your entire lawn is adequately watered.

Watering Sod Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

Water Runoff

When installing sod on a slope, make sure you read this blog carefully. While that article provides many tips to ensure success when laying sod, there are other issues that go beyond installation. Regardless of whether your execution is proper or not, you must take extra caution when watering sod on a slope. In order to conserve water and ensure the water soaks through adequately, water the sod slowly. As soon as you see water begin to run down your lawn as opposed to soaking into the soil, stop watering. You may need to wait for half an hour to give the soil time to soak in some water. Repeat these steps as many times as necessary to be sure you are watering the sod effectively.

Water Maintenance

It is important to make sure every square foot of your new lawn is receiving enough water. While it can be easy to assume your sprinklers are distributing water evenly across your whole lawn, it is also easy to double check. One way to do this is using shallow tin cans (like the ones cat food or tuna comes in). Place these cans randomly around the yard, at random distances from the sprinklers. Run the water for until one of the cans has approximately half an inch of water in it. Next, measure the amount of water from the rest of the cans. Even though you can expect some variation, with even water distribution, each can should have around half an inch of water in it.

Watering Sod Grass Sod Online Turf Yard Lawn

Soil Moisture Check

Over-watering is just as damaging to sod as under-watering. A great way to check the moisture level in the soil beneath the sod is by using a screwdriver or metal spike. Push the spike into the soil through the sod. Less water in the soil will cause there to be a lot of resistance. This is bad. However, if the spike goes easily into the ground, the soil has gotten enough water to encourage deep root growth.

Best Sod on the Block!

When watering sod, you must consider all these factors carefully. Also, ensure you do not water your lawn in the heat of the day as this can result in more evaporation and can waste water. Keeping these few tips and tricks in mind when watering sod will make your lawn the envy of the entire neighborhood!

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